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Aloha Everyone! Feel free to download any photos you like. You can also purchase prints to help support my passion of photographing these fun events.

Canoe Race 10-30-21-6833Canoe Race 10-30-21-6834Canoe Race 10-30-21-6835Canoe Race 10-30-21-6836Canoe Race 10-30-21-6837Canoe Race 10-30-21-6838Canoe Race 10-30-21-6839Canoe Race 10-30-21-6840Canoe Race 10-30-21-6841Canoe Race 10-30-21-6842Canoe Race 10-30-21-6843Canoe Race 10-30-21-6844Canoe Race 10-30-21-6845Canoe Race 10-30-21-6846Canoe Race 10-30-21-6847Canoe Race 10-30-21-6851Canoe Race 10-30-21-6852Canoe Race 10-30-21-6854Canoe Race 10-30-21-6855Canoe Race 10-30-21-6856